Is office plant rental the right choice for your business?

The introduction of interior planting enhances any space, especially in the office where productivity of staff is paramount. Here we explore the benefits of an office plant rental contract and how it will impact your business.

The benefits of a green workspace and ‘bringing the outdoors in’ are well proven. They range from improving staff creativity and workplace well-being through to attracting top talent and employee retention. A 2010 university study found the introduction of plants to an office saw a 37% fall in reported tension and anxiety, a 58% decrease in depression and improved staff spirits and reduction in fatigue.

For the above reasons, we hope you plan to bring the benefits of office plant rental to your offices soon. But you may be questioning; ‘should I rent or should I buy?’ To help you decide, we’ve put together some points we recommend you consider.

Engage with an office planting expert

When engaging with us at Valley Provincial, you are dealing with a team with enormous experience and knowledge in interior planting. We will recommend plant species based on planter locations and the spread of natural light within your office space. For example, hardy, shade tolerant species will be better suited to some areas, whereas more dependent species can be positioned in locations such as window openings. By putting the correct plants in the correct places, we know that your planting scheme will thrive.

We install and maintain plants in many prominent offices, meaning we are well up to speed on the latest planting trends and products that are available. We have also developed a robust supplier network, giving us access to a far wider and more elaborate range than the domestic market.

Professionally maintained office planting rental

Our Maintenance Technicians are highly trained planting experts with a broad knowledge of planting types and their requirements – they maintain beautiful office plants all day, every day! You can be confident that your plants will be cared for to the highest standards when you sign up to office plant rental with Valley Provincial. This means the planting scheme – and therefore your working environment – will always be looking it’s best.

Our maintenance programs also ensure your plants don’t suffer from neglect, and that any issues the plants develop are nipped in the bud early.

Enjoy flexibility

When you are in a planting contract, you can enjoy great flexibility with your planting scheme. If you take on an extra office and require additional displays, you have a planting expert on hand to assist. Likewise, if you are cutting back your space and some planting is no longer required, we can arrange collection and revise the contract to reflect the new scope.

Cost effective interior plant rental

Office plant rental can be more cost effective than buying outright. There is no need for hefty upfront costs with a rental contract, as all this is absorbed by Valley Provincial. All you have is a simple ongoing monthly payment fixed for the duration of your contract.

We hope the above reasons will help you to decide whether renting or buying plants is the best solution for your offices. As a leading expert in corporate horticulture, we would be thrilled to hear from you and would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about greening you workspace.

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