Experience the impact of internal landscaping redefining your environment.

Our unique combination of expertise make us a perfect partner to create stunning interior landscaping projects. From immersive office planting schemes injecting the power of nature into workspaces, through to amazing internal tropical gardens that set a property apart, we are able to advice, resource and create like no other.

Internal landscaping requires a blend of specialist capabilities. We utilise the spectrum of talent across our wide range of services to excel in the the most challenging and ambitious internal landscaping projects. Following the installation, we provide expert aftercare with close attention to detail, ensuring your green environment has lasting appeal. We take immense pride in our work and strive for our clients to feel the same.

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From immersive planting schemes to internal tropical gardens, our interior landscaping capabilities elevate your space.

Greenery brings instant impact to an interior. Internal landscaping transforms how spaces look and how the people working and living within them feel. Research has found that greenery can improve productivity by 15%. Other benefits include reduced stress, improved air quality and boosted well-being. What we see around us makes a real difference and, subsequently, the happier we feel, the better we perform.

At Valley Provincial, we have the knowledge and experience to bring the power of planting to your spaces. We understand what it takes to create stunning green displays that redefine your environment, and have the in-house capabilities to deliver the most technical internal landscaping scheme to perfection.

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"The staff think the initiative is fantastic and the whole project has been an amazing success. Thank you again for the time and effort to get this project launched!"

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"Knowing one of my key suppliers is communicating regularly makes my job as the office facilities manager that bit easier. Valley Provincial are the best planting supplier I have used over my working career – an excellent, professional service. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them"

Facilities Manager

Montagu Evans

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