We bring people together outdoors with the creation of community-focused recreational spaces.

Recreational spaces benefit communities by bringing people together in the great outdoors. From parks and open spaces through to playgrounds and sports facilities, we partner with ownership bodies to create new or improve recreational spaces across single or multiple sites. The creation of recreational spaces involves many of our hard and soft landscaping capabilities. From the initial concept, planning and design phases, through to the completion of the recreational facility and it’s ongoing upkeep, we provide a seamless experience.

Partnering with a diverse range of clients, we carry out works such as play area installations, park improvement projects and reconfigurations, and the creation of Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs), including associated landscaping works involved in the project delivery.

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Enabling the positive impart of recreational spaces on local communities

Access to good-quality, well-maintained green recreational spaces encourage us to walk more, to play sport, or simply to head out and enjoy a natural environment. They bring people together from different ages and cultures, helping to create a real sense of neighbourhood and community. These combined benefits are made possible by a well planned green open space strategy.

With decades of experience carrying out a wide range of projects, ranging from major playgrounds to woodland pathways, you can partner with us confident in our capability to strategise, create and maintain your next recreational expenditure to best value.

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