Cost planning is a vital first step that paves the path to a successful landscaping scheme.

Cost planning is vital to ensure realistic landscaping budgets are assigned and proposals are rationalised, if needed, as early as possible. With increasing emphasis placed on green, amenity-rich developments, locking in a comprehensive landscaping cost plan and optimising design early is a foundational initial step that provides cost certainty and guarantees hassle-free installation.

Working with initial concepts and drawing on years of experience, we conduct thorough appraisals to determine true project requirements. Our questions provoke valuable conversations that iron out technicalities well in advance. From material costs and labor expenses to unforeseen challenges, our team meticulously considers every detail to provide you with robust early costings. These provide a realistic, specification-compliant budget that forms a sound basis for the next steps.

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Our cost planning process hugely reduces the risk surrounding landscaping packages.

By partnering early to establish a clear cost plan and optimisation process clients save time and money, as well as massively reducing risk. Procuring via the traditional tender method is fraught with potential issues, with often poorly compiled, error-ridden landscaping packages resulting in rushed, confusing and hugely varying tender returns.

We flip that traditional tender process on it’s head. By anticipating potential challenges and integrating innovative cost-effective solutions, we enable clients to establish clear landscaping budgets that give them best value. These are all established well in advance, avoiding the pressure of impending programme dates, crane strike deadlines and protracted material lead times. By partnering with us, clients set themselves up for landscaping success!

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"Their input was invaluable in establishing the best solutions for our scheme and to ensure full compliance with technical guidelines and regulations. They worked well with Telford Homes design and construction departments, and I would not hesitate to recommend them for future projects ."

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"The support they were able to give during the design and procurement phase was very relevant, well informed and commercially sensible. Their planning of the work, and the subsequent monitoring of the installation, was very thorough and well communicated, and the control of their works - both in terms of output and quality - was very good indeed. "

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