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Landscaping Services London

Valley Provincial provide first-class commercial landscaping services in London for your offices, hotels, retail parks and more. Serving some of the country’s leading companies, we offer bespoke services including landscape construction, grounds management and plants and flower displays.

With our landscaping construction in London we aim to create a better working and recreational environment for your staff, visitors, residents and community.

Our fully-certified teams work on interior and exterior landscaping construction in London, transforming your commercial spaces into vibrant, sustainable environments. Within our amazing portfolio of completed projects you’ll find high-profile clients such as Nike, Adobe, Virgin Atlantic and many more.

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Landscape Design London

From bespoke landscape design in London to stunning roof gardens and multi-use games areas, you can rely on us. We design, drive value and deliver landscaping services to the highest standard.

And when it comes to maintaining the looks of your environment, we take care of the whole picture for you. Be it emergency tree surgery, invasive weed control, plant aftercare or weekly fresh flowers delivery, we cover all your needs.

At Valley Provincial, we will expertly manage your environment, so you can take care of your business.

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How long have you been operating in the landscape design industry? 

Founded in 1976 as a family-business, Valley Provincial have been delivering landscaping design and construction for over 40 years. Our experience and creativity has made us a trusted partner for many PLCs and smaller businesses alike. 

Where do you operate? 

Based in Dartford, Kent, we operate in London and the surrounding areas. A lot of our previous and current clients are based in Central London, however, we also cover Essex, Sussex and Kent. Contact our team today to find out how we can help with your project.

What is the difference between a garden designer and a landscape designer?

A garden designer is someone who mainly deals with transforming private residential gardens, whereas landscape designers focus on commercial landscape design usually within city centres, high-rise office buildings or shared public spaces.

What is included in landscape design?

Landscape design includes the construction and arrangement of a range of outdoor elements. Those can be built structures, paths, steps, railings or even the landform itself. This is done to make your outdoor public areas more attractive for visitors, employees and the local community.

What does landscaping mean in construction?

Landscaping in construction refers not only to planting trees and shrubs. It also includes big changes to the structural features of your outdoor area and the surrounding terrain. It involves meticulous and detailed planning to ensure your space is utilised in the best way possible.

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