A business is only as good as its people. With that in mind, you want to get the best talent out there.

But it’s not just the salary, job description and cringeworthy mission statement that prospective employees consider. Your interior office landscapes also play an important role in drawing the talent in.

How? Read on for four things that can clinch the deal.

1. Collaborative spaces

Open working spaces are the latest trend in office design. They encourage discussion, co-operation and collaboration amongst workers. An open layout, even just in parts, can be a big deciding factor for a lot of workers. If you don’t want to commit to an open working area, then simply add a lounge or commons area for breaks. Something as simple as soft seating around a few planters and a TV screen can add serious appeal to your office landscapes.

2. Technology

The best candidates want progression in their career. And – let’s face it – they’re not going to get it from a company that’s slow to embrace technology. Make sure you’re giving off the right vibe by investing in modern computers, and providing Wi-Fi to employees. Waiting for laptops, programs and files to load is now one of the seven most stressful everyday experiences faced by people with computers, according to research by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). Small conveniences like this can make a big difference to the way people see your business.

3. Get colourful

Nobody wants to work in an office that’s dull and uninspiring. It kills motivation and stumps creativity for workers, not to mention the consequent drop in output for your business. Add colourful desks and chairs, or even consider coloured walls rather than the typical white, cream or grey. Elsewhere, you can incorporate colour into your interior landscapes with accessories like lamps, wall art or even office plants.

4. A business that grows

Speaking of office plants, they are another great way to make your office space more appealing to prospective employees. For one, plants add colour and texture to improve the room’s aesthetics. But they also reduce noise levels, filter out pollutants in the air and – as a result – send a positive message out about your company’s sustainability.

Remember, workers are potentially committing to work 40 hours or so per week in your offices, so the environment you are offering them must be one where they are happy to be and perform in.

5. Keeping employees happy

Once you’ve got people on board, these changes will also help retain the best talent. Think how much happier your working environment will be with a bit more colour and collaboration. Your tech investment won’t be wasted either, leading to less frustrations and complaints for workers. The positive impact of plants on employees speaks for itself too, improving employee health, happiness and productivity.

Can we help?

Want to make your workplace more attractive to the top talent? With Valley Provincial, that’s not a problem. We plan, provide and install impressive plants and flowers in offices across London and the surrounding areas. Our tailored interior landscapes planting schemes will make your working environment far more appealing to prospective employees – and keep your team happy in the long run. Get in touch with our planting specialists today for more information.

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