Using plants to create a welcoming office space

Indoor planting creates a welcoming office environment that people want to be in. Here we explore why indoor plants are so important to positive, healthy workspaces.

How people feel when they enter are in your office is what they will remember about your company. Be it clients, suppliers or staff, creating that great impression from the outset is invaluable. An indoor office planting scheme is a straightforward and cost-effective way to achieve just that.

Plants have a transformative effect on corporate interiors – they influence the whole mood and feel of the space. Here we have explored some ways that plants will enhance your space creating a welcoming office environment.

Bring the outdoors in with indoor office planting

Being amid nature has a hugely positive impact on humans, which has driven the recent ‘bringing the outdoors in’ trend of office design. We can all relate to feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after spending time outdoors. Office plants enable these green, summer atmospheres to be created throughout the whole year, resulting in a far more engaging and productive workspace. Entering an office with a creative planting scheme is warm, inviting experience for visitors too.

You can breathe easy with plants around

Everyone loves being in spaces that make them feel fresh. This is even more the case in London, where the air is often anything but!

Indoor office planting not only absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, but also absorbs other irritants that negatively impact humans. These air-borne particles, such as dust, pollen and bacteria, are broken down by plants and used for their own growth. The ability to absorb irritants from the atmosphere leaves your offices feeling fresh and healthy, contributing to happier, high-performing staff. The alternative ‘sick building syndrome‘ effect is what you want to avoid!

Create informal meeting areas with planting

Plants are a fantastic way to create areas and zones within the office, especially if your offices are open plan. Not only do they look stunning, but they also offer privacy, creativity and above all, can be moved or rejigged if the demands so require. You can find out more about using plants in your office this way in our dedicated insight – How to use plants in open plan offices.

Create a strong impression

An attractively planted office creates a memorable first impression to clients, suppliers or potential staff who visit. Aside from the visual wow-factor, they portray a strong unspoken message of a company that invests in creative environments and values staff and their wellbeing. This is am important impression to leave, and forms a reputation that can influence the conception of your brand.

Create a welcoming office space with the help of Valley Provincial

If you are looking to enhance your office by introducing interior plant displays, we would love to hear from you. With over 40 years of greening London’s offices, Valley Provincial are well placed to create a welcoming, engaging work environment with planting at it’s centre.