How to use Plants in Open Plan Offices

Here we explore some of the best ways to utilize plants in open plan offices.

Open Plan office space is hugely popular, and for good reason. Aside from the aesthetic value, the open-plan styles utilize space efficiently, provide flexibility, reconfiguration options and enhances team culture and collaboration.

But within these open workspaces there will always be a need for privacy and designated areas. Here we look at a cost effective and visually attractive way to provide exactly that-plants in open plan offices.

Use plants to create green lanes

It is important to regulate staff traffic flow in large office spaces. Approximately 1.1 million commuters arrive in London each working day, and large corporates can have hundreds of staff operating from their city centre locations. To ensure the workspace is efficient and to minimise distractions, regulating walking routes is a must. Physical barriers, such as barrier ropes, can seem harsh and impersonal, whilst floor stickers are often overlooked or ignored.

This is where office plants can help! Plant arrangements can create clear traffic paths, that at the same time enhance the aesthetic of the office. They do this in a soft and inviting way, that still leaves higher sight lines open. They also provide low level visual barriers to prevent others working in the office from being distracted by people movement.

Create zones with Office Plants

Many offices have dedicated areas for a variety of purposes. This may be to group departments together or to create breakout spaces, creative areas, or quiet zones. Plants are a fantastic solution to zone these areas in an attractive way.

Plants also have acoustic benefits, absorbing office noise and thereby reducing distractions. Open plan offices are particularly prone to have high levels of potential distraction. This installation at Tripadvisor was done to reduce the noise levels within the building.

Plants add to the Office vibe

Nature looks good in any interior design scheme, and with a huge range of creative planter options they make a significant contribution to the office vibe. Plus, in most instances they also look beautiful from every direction you look at them! This is of particular value in open plan offices, where the plant clusters will be seen from all angles.

We all know that cutting edge offices play a role in attracting and maintaining top talent, and plants will certainly strengthen your workspace credentials.

Benefits of Plants in Open Plan Offices

Not only do plants create a soft visual barrier, but they are also far more cost effective then other hard partition options. They also come with a host of benefits that impact the wellbeing and performance of staff, which you can explore in more detail here.

If you are considering incorporating plants within your offices, we’d be pleased to assist you. With over 40 years of interior greening experience, we are well placed to make professional recommendations on how to bring the benefits of plants to your offices.

Take a look at the gallery below for inspiration.