As many people return to London’s offices, we consider plants in the office and their role creating a healthier, safer working environment.

Home working has been a new and unique experience, forced on us at short notice. As we’ve adapted to it, its advantages and disadvantages have emerged and affected people in different ways. Many have grown to appreciate the flexibility, fewer distractions and saving on the commute. A recent survey found that 43% of bosses surveyed found that remote working had a positive impact on productivity. However, there is no denying that this type of work also has come with its drawbacks. Some struggled to find a work-home life balance. Others found work uninspiring and many missed the personal interaction.

Working from home is likely to be ongoing for many. Some have opted for it full time, whereas others are working to a split home-office week. But for many, as the UK government relaxes more Covid-19 restrictions, a return to the office is imminent. Here we explore how plants in the office can help as we head back.

Plants in the office as barriers

Why not use office plants to delineate areas and teams? They allow you to implement social distancing measures easily and, as you’re using plants instead of tape to mark spaces, your employees benefit from a green and aesthetically pleasing office.

A 2016 study found that cognition can be boosted by 26% in green workspaces, and that people’s wellbeing and productivity improve with plants around them. This makes a great case for adding green barriers to the office.

Replacing furniture with plants

If, because of social distancing or decreased staff capacity, you have to remove desks and office furniture, you don’t want the space to look sparse and empty. Some offices are set to operate a split office-home week, and in these instances reducing office furniture is likely. Adding plants in these newly vacated spaces is an attractive and vibrant solution.

Plants in the office help with anxiety

A fantastic benefit of plants in the office is that they ease anxiety and stress levels, perfect to help with the current circumstances.

Plants reduce stress at work, as they help people feel calmer and more positive. Both having visual access to plants and being allowed to care for them (passive and active involvement) can have a calming effect. So, by adding plants to the workplace, you can help your staff fight anxiety and stay relaxed.

Speak to the office planting experts

Valley Provincial have been greening London’s offices for over 40 years and have learnt a thing or two in that period. We are keen to work with you to create a planting scheme that helps your offices become a greener, healthier environment, and assists your workforce to settle back in safety.

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