Plants are a necessity in today’s workspaces. Our clients often ask for the best office planting ideas, so here we’ve explored the most important locations to focus on to ensure you get maximum benefit from your office plants.

A productive work environment is incomplete without planting and greenery. The benefits that plants bring to the office are enormous, and have a real impact on staff performance.

Here we discuss the most important areas to have plants in your office.

In amongst the desks

Where staff sit at their workstations is an obvious place to start, but also one of the most important. We recommend every person should be able to see a plant from their desk. Plants around the office space help us in so many ways. From reducing depression, tension and anxiety through to boosting productivity and improving air quality. These benefits make them a necessity in today’s workspace, helping to keep the office a space where people can focus, be more productive, and do their best work.

Office planting ideas are implemented in many ways, including freestanding planting, cabinet top troughs, hanging planting, and green walls.

Brightening up reception

First impressions are always the ones people remember. So what better way to help portray your business than with an impressive reception space? It’s proven that large plants and trees depict wealth and prosperity, and when we walk into a reception space featuring these, it helps to give a far better first impression to customers, suppliers, and new recruits. Especially as visitors often spend a few minutes waiting in reception.

Plus, reception areas and atrium spaces often lend themselves to planting. Typically they are airy and often have a good deal of natural light. This gives scope for larger, more impressive planting schemes, helping to give the best entrance possible to your business.

Softening meeting rooms

We spend a lot of time in meeting rooms, and plants are a welcome addition. Be they table displays or located in the corner of the room (or both), they help people focus, think creatively and generally soften what can be a sterile area with serious discussions taking place. It’s often key personnel that spend time in meeting rooms, such as clients and important suppliers, and a stylish planting scheme will get noticed and portray good impressions.

Creating Breakout Spaces

Breakout spaces are areas for employees to relax, to enjoy themselves, and to take some refreshing time out from the daily grind. Planting around these spaces helps to create a relaxing, calming atmosphere where people can reset and unwind.

In open plan layouts, plants are also a great way to separate breakout spaces from other areas. Acting as soft, green ‘walls’ they are not only visual barriers but have sound absorption qualities too.

Breakout spaces can also double as informal collaboration areas, and places to entertain clients and suppliers.

The experts in office planting ideas

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