It’s easy to get distracted when you’re working. The noise of passing traffic, nearby colleagues on the telephone, conversations amongst other staff, whether from outside or inside, there are plenty of audible challenges which interfere with our ability to concentrate.

Anything which hinders productivity is bound to be bad for business in the long run. So, what can be done? Plants are a popular solution for reducing office distractions. Read our blog below to see how effective they really are.

Can Plants Really Reduce Office Distractions?

Great acoustics…

So, what’s the science behind plants reducing distractions? It’s simple really – they’re thought to absorb sound. They also deflect and refract sound waves because they are flexible and don’t cause the sound to bounce straight back and echo. Less sound equals less distractions and more concentration. It makes sense, but is there anything to prove they reduce sound, or is it just a myth?

In 2015, a group of researchers decided to look into the idea. They tested how much sound could pass from one room to another through a single partition wall. By changing the material of the wall, they were able to determine how ‘green walls’ compare to other building materials. The results? Green walls – with plants installed on the face of the wall – blocked out more sound than every common building material except fiberglass. Not bad.

Keeping up appearances

What’s great about green walls is that they absorb this sound without damaging aesthetics. In fact, they actually improve the appearance of offices. Even better, they’re the ideal way to incorporate other noise reduction features. Wall fins are an effective way to reduce noise, creating an extra barrier to block out external noise. On their own, however, wall fins can look a bit out of place. The solution?

A planting scheme is the perfect way to work wall fins into the design of an office. Take Trip Advisor’s UK offices, for instance. They wanted to reduce the noise levels in their reception area. As part of a plan to achieve this, their office was fitted with specialist acoustic wall fins complemented by a full planting scheme. By combining the two, they benefited from improved sound insulation as well as an office that looks great.

The benefits of reduced sound

With less external noise, office workers will appreciate a calmer environment and find it much easier to focus on productive work. Good sound insulation also provides a better welcome for clients. You don’t want a noisy waiting area or meeting room when your clients visit, right?

If less distracting noises and more productivity sounds good to you, Valley Provincial can help. We’re planting experts, specialising in interior and exterior planting schemes for offices and workspaces. Based in London, we cover the whole of the country, meaning you can get better sound insulation wherever your office is located. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and see how we can make them a reality.

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