When curating the perfect office space many people opt for plants. Popular mood-boosters, they can improve productivity and make a workspace look massively more attractive.

The question is – can you still get the same effect with artificial greenery? Find out which ones really win the war in office décor.

Championing Artificial Plants

Firstly, replica plants are great if you’re forgetful when it comes to the watering can. There’s no need to worry about the amount of sunlight they need or how often you should be watering them. And, because you don’t have to worry about keeping artificial plants alive, you can pop them all around the office. They’re no longer limited to windowsills and can even stand up to air con.

With plenty of high-quality products on the market to choose from, indoor plants no longer have to look plasticky or obviously fake. Now, you can go with which plants looks best on the eye – be creative in your choices.

The Real Deal

Although there’s plenty of positives in buying artificial plants, you’re still missing out on the huge benefits of real ones.

Real plants can boost moods and boost business. They have been Scientifically proven to increase productivity by 15% and improve office worker’s quality of life. They bring key health benefits, e.g. real plants help oxidise the air and reduce dust by 20%. With natural greenery filtering the air, it can help prevent unpleasant symptoms of stuffy offices such as headaches and fatigue.

And, it may be tricky to keep real plants healthy and thriving, but there are options which are easy to care for. Succulents and cacti are perfect for office spaces as they’re low-maintenance and still give you all the added healthy benefits.

Plants are great for Business!

Whether you pick an artificial or real plants, both will make a great impact in the office. With a green workspace you can inspire creativity and productivity to build a stronger workforce. By simply adding some plants, you can inspire your employees and engage thoughtfully with your environment.

If you’re looking to make your office greener – with real or artificial plants – Valley Provincial are here to help. We specialise in tailored planting schemes and, with over four decades of experience, we can help with your green office needs. Get in touch today and see how we can help your office.

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