For those responsible for outdoor or indoor spaces, it seems we should expect far higher footfall in the coming year.

This week’s blog looks at what grounds management and maintenance services you can address to make your commercial company ready for 2021.

Back to the future

With the vaccine rollout underway, it’s likely that our communal spaces, offices and grounds will be busier in 2021. It’s fair to say that our shared spaces will need to be safe, serviceable and even inspirational. In fact, many people return to work after the best part of a year’s absence.

A review should include interior and exterior planting. This includes assessing the condition of hard landscaping as well as paths and walkways. It also requires identifying any signs of damage to larger plants and trees.

Winding down and winding up

At Valley Provincial we have all the grounds maintenance services your company could need. We can help complete these start-of-the-year projects before things open up and get busy again.

Our Rapid Response team can deal with remedial repairs before they become a danger or an eyesore, and our hard and soft landscaping teams can make recommendations and implement them quickly and efficiently.

Just as importantly, staff will benefit hugely from our Living Range – beautiful planted space dividers which help maintain safe-distancing and act as a stylish focal point.

So, even as the year is winding down to a close, we can help ensure that you are in the best shape possible when things start winding up again.

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