Let creative planting and living green wall systems transform your indoor environment

Creative planting and green wall systems can make a significant statement, living walls, ‘floating gardens’ and water features are just three examples of how creative planting systems become living sculpture.

At Valley Provincial, we have the expertise to design planting systems, install them and provide aftercare for a range of unique features that completely redefine green spaces and office environments.

Living Range

As companies prepare for the return of their staff to the workplace, everyone is having to think in a new and adaptive way. Our living range offers beneficial workplace solutions in the means of living screens and living space dividers that you can use for creating safely-distanced areas.

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Creating impact

If you are looking for an entirely new and natural way to create impact and boost air quality, we would welcome the opportunity to show you just what is possible, and just what a living statement can achieve.

Feature Planted Wall Projects

Some of our clients

Here are just some of the clients we work closely with, delivering one-stop-shop landscape services to the highest standard and ensuring that people can enjoy the best environment in which to live, work and play.

“Everybody is loving the moss walls!”

Thomson Reuters

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