Roof Gardens are a hugely popular and emerging trend. Here we explore their many applications, and how they are incorporated into a variety of developments.

It’s no secret that open space in urban areas has become increasingly scarce. As architects and developers look to maximise indoor and outdoor living space, previously under-utilised roof areas are becoming a tempting prospect.

Covering an estimated 36 million square metres per annum, the UK flat roofing market is a largely untapped resource. We can harness this resource to create much-needed space in built-up areas, while also helping to improve urban drainage and provide additional environmental benefits. These include increased biodiversity and reduction of the urban heat island effect. Join us as we explore how roof gardens are used throughout London and other cities.

The Possibilities of Roof Terraces – The Sky’s The Limit!

Recreational & Wellbeing Rooftop Gardens

With space at a premium, many architects and developers are looking to the roof to provide areas where a building’s occupants can exercise and unwind. From football pitches and tennis courts, to swimming pools and yoga spaces, roof terraces add a new level of versatility to residential and commercial projects alike. The appeal of a green space attracts buyers and helps command the prices that the developers are looking for. There are many examples of these on our projects page.

Terraces for Leisure & Hospitality

Seemingly separated from the world below, roof terraces offer dazzling views of the cityscape which adds a sense of exclusive luxury to leisure and hospitality spaces. From casual bistros and bars to high-end restaurants, their elevated position makes them urban suntraps in the warmer months, and a shining statement piece when the long days give way to dark nights. Roof gardens help create areas that people will keep coming back to. Fancy the experience? Here’s a list of 27 rooftop bars in London you can visit.

We are currently installing the roof garden shown above at 101 on Cleveland, a development by McLaren. Image credit to 101 on Cleveland.

Elevated Retail Spaces

When looking to create an attractive and unique retail area that will resonate with customers, why not look to the roof to set it apart from the pack? Usually used for parking or service areas, incorporating the rooftop makes for a truly elevated shopping experience, providing retailers with an abundance of natural light and giving customers a space where they will want to spend more time – and money. One New Change is an example of retail space that uses its rooftop as a key attraction.

Sight-seeing Roof Gardens

With statement skyscrapers comes the opportunity to create sight-seeing attractions. There are many rooftop gardens that are popular with tourists, offering stunning views across the city and the chance to relax in a unique setting. Also, they’re a useful additional income stream for building owners. The Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street and the viewing area at the top of The Shard are both examples of these.

Rooftop Service Spaces

Less glamorous but no less essential, service spaces can be created on roof top areas. They provide a functional, behind (or above?) the scenes area which makes the most of the space available without impacting on the usable floors below. They can be used to house ventilation systems, telecoms mast, solar panels, and the like.

The Sky Garden shown above is a great example of a terrace used as a sight-seeing tourist venue.

Leading Installers of Roof Gardens

Valley Provincial are market leaders in the installation of roof gardens & terraces, podium decks and elevated landscapes. From social amenity and car parks to retail environments and green areas of relaxation, we firmly believe that rooftop spaces can be as usable as any ground-level area. We utilise the latest products and practices, combined with our in-depth knowledge, to offer property developers the expertise they need to deliver in this emerging trend.

Now more than ever, our cities and urban areas need to adapt to provide green spaces for everyone. And good progress on this has been made, with schemes such as the Urban Greening Factor and Biodiversity Net Gain ensuring new developments make a strong green contribution. There has been a distinct shift in recent years, and this trend is set to continue. Contact us today to create a beautifully crafted outdoor space to inspire and to be proud of.

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