Installing play equipment on a podium or roof garden is on the rise. Here we explore some of the practical challenges this brings up, as well as how to resolve them.

As our cites continue to grow, a dense urban habitat is quickly becoming reality. To ensure we have plenty of play spaces available, innovative solutions are needed more than ever.

Rooftops have excellent potential for creating new landscapes and playgrounds, hence their exceptional rise in popularity in recent years. The installation of play equipment on rooftops and podiums adds another dimension of functionality to a building and promotes exercise and activity for occupants.

Overcoming the challenges

Every rooftop project requires a unique solution. Years of experience tells us that two are rarely the same! Variable factors such as the space between the slab and surface finish level, steps within the slab itself and the proximity of other structures or fittings all dictate the approach required when installing play equipment. It is here that we can work with you to advise the best solution.

Installing play equipment on podiums and roof gardens without penetrating the waterproofing layer is a common challenge. As a result, there are several methods of achieving this. These include bolting play equipment to the slab and resealing, introducing a separating drainage board beneath the foundation, or even having steel feet cast into the slab itself whilst being poured (like we did on this project).

Ensuring your rooftop playground meets safety standards

Any play equipment with a free fall height (FFH) exceeding 600mm requires an adequate safety surface. So, on a rooftop play area, this is typically Artificial Grass with a suitable depth underlay, Rubber Wetpour or Rubber Mulch. We are able to install any of these solutions on a roof terrace ensuring compliance with BS EN1176 & BS EN1177.

Speak to the play experts

As you may have noticed, we know a thing or two about playgrounds! Valley Provincial operate a dedicated playground brand, Playcubed Playgrounds. Playcubed focuses on creating outstanding play spaces for schools and local authorities.

This means for you, when dealing with Valley Provincial, you are not only drawing on experienced commercial landscapers, but also on genuine expertise in the play industry. Additionally, we are able to call on specialist resource, talent and skill across our wider company and extensive supply chain.

Specialists in installing play equipment on podiums and roof gardens

Valley Provincial have grown to become the leading specialist in the creation of elevated landscapes. With a wealth of experience in installing play equipment on podiums and roof gardens, you can have every confidence in our ability to deliver.

So, why not speak to an expert today to begin developing your new skyline playground.

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