What’s driving the rise of the Green Office?

A green office is very much on trend right now. So what’s behind this green push?

In first place worldwide, London is home to almost 3,000 green-rated buildings. That’s almost 1,000 more than Singapore in second place. These figures are a result of an exceptional rise in the popularity of green offices in the last few years.

An increased focus on sustainability has certainly accelerated by Covid-19, but the green office movement, in particular, is underpinned by several factors.

Developing sustainably

Firstly, the climate crisis is critical – the buildings we inhabit are responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions; redeveloping offices to be green and sustainable is a much-needed first step. Government-led initiatives have pushed in recent years, such as the Urban Greening Factor and Biodiversity Net Gain schemes.

Green offices and biophillia

Secondly, in a post-pandemic society, wellness looms large in employers’ and employees’ minds. We know that biophillic office design can improve mental health, physical health, immunity, happiness and productivity. Plus, green offices can make recreational activities, active commuting and exercising much easier to enjoy.

Investing greener

Thirdly, we’re beginning to see the supply-side of green real estate pick up as investors have been quick to grasp the value of sustainable investing, e.g. the current focus on ESG criteria – Economic, Social and Governance. Investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities. Lenders have even started to offer ‘sustainability-linked loans‘, which incentivise the development of green buildings that feature efficient architectural designs, solar power, energy efficiency and even social KPIs linked to the mental health of those in the building.

Attracting top talent

And finally, the post-Covid war for talent will be won by businesses occupying green, well-appointed, people-centric and tech-savvy offices. Not only do talented employees want to work in engaging environments, but today’s workforce is becoming increasingly green-conscious. Top talent is on the hunt for businesses that match up to their values. In today’s world, offices will need to stand out, and amenities such as roof terraces are statement ways businesses can differentiate. You can read more about the value roof terraces offer in this article.

London’s green office experts

Green offices are set to be a growing trend over the coming years. At Valley Provincial, we are on hand to make this a reality in your offices. From interior planting and fresh flower displays, through to roof terraces and outdoor breakout spaces, we can ensure you keep up with the green office trend.

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