Green amenity space is on the rise in residential and commercial developments. Here we explore what’s driving this green demand.

Increasingly, new developments are shining the spotlight on their amenity space offerings. A new residential block, a statement tower or a flagship HQ is no longer complete without multiple roof terraces and podium gardens as a focal point. Green amenity space has fast become the in-trend way of differentiating your offering – pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to create a more desirable space that enables property developers to charge a premium.

Here we explore what’s behind the demand for green amenity space.

Desirability of green amenity space

It’s undeniable that green amenity spaces are highly desirable. For example, The Sky Pool at Embassy Gardens, the roof terraces at Landmark Pinnacle and the proposed Roots in the Sky project have received great publicity on their amenity offerings. These benefits are in-trend and people are keen to be associated with them.

Helping create social value

Shared amenity space offers great opportunities for people to socialise with locals and neighbours. It brings people together from different ages and cultures, helping to create a real sense of neighbourhood and community. Also, there’s the opportunity for local clubs and sports teams. Larger spaces have use for social events, sponsored and charity activities that bring people together.

‘Roots in the Sky’, shown below, is a current scheme led by investment manager and developer Fabrix. It describes itself an ‘urban forest’. It features a 1.1 acre rooftop forest of over 100 established trees, 10,000 plants and over 1300 tonnes of soil. Designed by award-winning architects Studio RHE, and granted planning by London Borough of Southwark. Image credit to Studio RHE.

Promoting an active lifestyle

Access to good-quality, well-maintained green spaces helps to keep the population active. They encourage us to walk more, to play sport, or simply to head out and enjoy a green and natural environment. Those living nearby such spaces are far more likely to make use of them due to their proximity. As a result, the growing trend to lead a healthy lifestyle has seen greater demand for housing that offers this benefit.

Green spaces and young people

Playground areas are common in green spaces, providing physical exercise for young people. In urban areas, children often have limited access to nature, so spending time in a park is important. Playing among the trees and being around wildlife is an essential learning experience for them. Green space is also great in encouraging more family time spent together.

The impact on wellbeing and mental health

We all understand the wellbeing aspect of open space: a walk, a breath of fresh air, a change of scene. We always feel better for it and it helps clear the mind after (or before) a stressful day. Additionally, the benefits of a connection with nature are well proven, and green amenity space provides this opportunity.

Green attracts the best talent

This point is aimed at commercial property. An impressive roof top and outdoor working facilities at your offices are regarded as a great bonus, helping to make your business a desirable place to work, and thus attracting the best talent.

Creating green amenity spaces in London

For over 40 years, Valley Provincial have been creating and maintaining amenity spaces that support the capital’s community. We’ve helped London become a greener city, and have grown to become a leading authority on creating landscaped spaces. So, why not get in touch with us today? We look forward to being your landscape partner on your next scheme!

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