Following growing pressure to fire up the economy again, the government is backing the re-opening of construction sites across the UK after six weeks of strict lockdown.

Returning to normal, however, is out of the question. Instead, sites will see a ‘new normal’, just as many of us are already seeing in our everyday lives. A normal that adheres to social distancing and enhanced hygiene. The Construction Leadership Council has published a six-page document specifically for new site operating procedures.

There will be new protocols for travel, too, with the government even suggesting that staggered site hours to reduce the use of public transport in peak periods. Site access will be a ‘no go’ for anyone deemed non-essential. Workers will have to wash their hands for 20 seconds whenever entering or leaving the site as well as having regular breaks to wash their hands during their shift. With stricter rules for site welfare facilities, toilets will never have been so clean, and canteens will either close or operate a take-away service.

Workers may even see themselves becoming fitter as they advise stairs over lifts! There is an increase in use of PPE, of course, and new controls such as any face-to-face working being kept to less than 15 minutes where possible. Overall, the ‘new normal’ will require that each and every individual is to become their own safeguard. Ultimately, a more aware and conscientious version of themselves.

At Valley Provincial we are of course taking all the relevant and necessary precautions. We are training our teams to become the best safeguard versions of themselves. There is the added advantage that our construction work, being landscape based, is always outside.  We have the best ventilation and social distancing is easier to maintain with the opening of construction sites.

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