Construction sites are now back in operation across the country. Our own Landscape Construction workforce have been able to resume their duties taking extra measures to ensure adequate hygiene and social distancing.

So what is landscaping in construction, and how important is it to our environment?

People have been practicing landscaping for centuries, manipulating the land around ancient buildings for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Today, landscaping in construction is not just adding trees and plants. It’s also changes to the terrain and the building of structural features. It’s the careful and detailed planning to bring a design to fruition.

There’s specialised product knowledge and resourcing and includes being able to plan and construct effective, innovative irrigation, drainage and maintenance systems. It’s finding and using the most efficient routes to engineer the landscape. In turn this creates an aesthetically pleasing, functioning and sustainable outdoor environment.

Our outdoor environments create far more than a great first impression.

At Valley Provincial our complete approach to landscape construction takes the whole picture into account from the start. This means that you can rely on our specialist landscape construction services to complete an environment that works in harmony with your indoor space and improves the quality and enjoyment of outdoor space for years to come.

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