London Roof Terrace specialists: Creating spaces that offer real value

As one of London’s leading roof terrace specialists, we explore how their rising popularity brings real value to London’s communities.

Cities and urban spaces have developed rapidly in recent years, creating a dilemma for architects and designers. Space is at a premium now, especially in London, and architects are under pressure to create new spaces that offer real value to communities.

There is a growing demand for living in greener spaces aimed towards improving wellbeing. With that in mind, architects and designers must now adapt their skills to find ways of utilising available space for urban amenities with attractive landscaping solutions.

Looking to the rooftops in urban areas

With the pressure to meet housing demand, including open space in urban areas has become more of a challenge. Traditionally it was been a case of having one or the other, but modern developers are challenging this mindset. The idea of building up (instead of out) is becoming a more appealing prospect, and utilising roof spaces now makes more sense than ever before. As a result, roof terrace specialists have emerged who can make elevated landscaping concepts just as feasible as those at ground-level.

Roof spaces have been previously under-utilised, but they could really enhance your next commercial project. Thanks to the development of purpose-built systems and lightweight materials, it is possible to create unique, high-level landscapes within a built-up area.

Roof Terraces & Podium landscapes: a world from above

Due to these advancements, many applications previously resigned to ground level can be achieved at a height. Roof gardens, terraces and podiums bathed in natural sunlight, with far-reaching views and an exclusive feel have become a popular trend among developers.

By combining urban amenities, rooftop leisure and hospitality spaces offering exclusive views of the surrounding area with landscaped greenery, architects are creating desirable spaces in which to spend time.
To offer more recreational spaces for communities, they utilise rooftop spaces for parks, and even swimming pools. The newly opened Sky Pool at Embassy Gardens is a good example of innovative use of roof space.
With every new functional space comes the need for service space too. Rooftop pedestal systems enable service space and plant rooms. Essential but unsightly, plant areas are typically isolated within the amenity terrace and screened off from view. This provides key functionality without impacting on usable floors below.

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To find out more about how you could create a landscape to complement an urban space, speak to Valley Provincial today. We have grown into the leading podium landscaping and roof terrace specialists, creating some of the most desirable landscaped spaces across the capital. With over 40 years’ experience honing our expertise, we are confident we can work with you to create a roof terrace that provides real value for occupants.

References & Testimonials

Most landscaping companies showcase past projects on their website. What type of clients are they working for? What value projects have they completed? How do these compare with what you are looking for? For regular grounds maintenance, if you can find out how many years a contractor’s has retained their services, that gives a good indication of their satisfaction rating. After all, why change if you’re happy with what you’re getting? Also, testimonials and review scores can provide helpful insights.

There are many commercial landscaping contractors in the marketplace, from individual specialists to multi-skilled grounds management companies. Evidently Valley Provincial, with over 30 years’ experience working for property owners and managing agents, is among the latter. Above all, we’re commercial landscapers with expertise you can trust.

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