Could you revamp your rooftop?

Its 2022 in London and more and more high-rise buildings are going up every month, and the London Skyline is busier than ever before. On top of every one of these high-rise buildings, whether its residential, offices or leisure, there is a space. That’s right, we are talking about roof terraces.

Roof terraces have become very popular. They can be used to view the skyline at sunset, as a place to eat or drink and socialize, or as an entertainment space. These roof terraces are a chance to expand your space by sometimes double! Many rooftops that are still unused have views that are breath-taking, and they usually have a good amount of space to hold a complete ecosystem.

What can you put in these spaces?

What a great question! These spaces can be transformed into gardens like no other, full of living plants and flowers as well as seating spaces or even play spaces for children and recreation for adults. They are a prime chance to give back to the ecosystem, to replace lost trees and nature with a new ecosystem on top of the building. They are also a great opportunity to relax and revitalize us outdoors.

Recently our team have worked on a Roof Terrace at Bloom Clerkenwell and transformed it, as the pictures show, into an amazing space with colorful plants and furniture.

So, what about putting your roof or terrace space to good use? We have the expertise and resources to help you transform it into a vibrant and lively area which could double up space.

Please feel free to contact us for a consultation and our specialist team can guide you through the whole process, from concept to completion.

If you want a visual representation of what we are talking about, these pictures speak for themselves. The Landmark Pinnacle, One of London’s newest and tallest sky-rise buildings have recently introduced a beautiful space for their residents. This space is full of living plants and flowers, seating spaces, as well as a play space for the children.