One of the few silver linings of the COVID-19 crisis is  improvements in air quality. Within two weeks of the lockdown, some cities reported that nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels fell by up to 60% on the same period last year.

As weeks pass, the majority of people want to see cleaner air and greener environments remain. With lockdown being lifted, there is determination not to lose gains made. Even to also introduce radical and permanent changes to our urban spaces.

In London for example, Mayor Sadiq Khan, has set out that the city’s ambitious new plans; ‘will mean a fundamental reimagining [of] how we live our lives in this city.’ We expect buildings to play a bigger role in protecting the environment. So, what steps can organisations take to be part of an economy that expects to grow back greener?

The good news is the innovation needed to transform buildings so they become healthier and biodiverse is understood.

As we adapt to climate change, World Green Roof Day will celebrate images of living roofs from around the world. They’ll focus on the contribution they make to improving air quality, thermal performance and biodiversity. They also provide much needed green spaces for residents and staff, boosting wellbeing.

At Valley Provincial, we champion living walls and living roofs. Alongside this we develop specialist expertise to ensure companies and staff benefit from greener urban environments.

We also help organisations create seating areas, walkways and cycle parking. As a result it makes sure people fully benefit from outdoor space and travel to work or home by bike wherever possible.

As we all look forward to a better, cleaner future, rely on our team to create the perfect green solution whatever the space. It means that the environment and your organisation can prosper from growing back greener.

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