Green workplace office perks on the rise

Which amenities would lure you back to the office? With big name companies such as Google and Facebook leading the way, we’re seeing a few noticeable must-have office trends starting to emerge – and they’re looking green!

Is your office worth the commute? For a lot of companies apparently, the answer is no as we see a rise in refurbishments. Alongside the revamping of the workplace to boost staff attendance in a post-pandemic hybrid working environment.

Feeling Green

Designers are witnessing the green workplace theme as a top desire from clients as offices invest in permanent foliage to boost wellbeing and mental health. The ‘Indoor garden’ term is one you’ll be hearing increasingly with clients looking for natural design. Furthermore, the positive effects nature has on people are well documented with the conclusion often the same, improved cognition, productivity, and mood. Biophilic design tactics that encourage connections with the world outside must deploy in interior design following the toll the pandemic had on both physical and mental health.

‘Bloom Clerkenwell’, shown below, is a premium office location built by developer HB Reavis. Designed by architects John Robertson Architects, amenities are at the heart of the scheme with a distinct focus on physical and mental wellbeing. The planting on this level consists entirely of fruit, vegetable and herb species to create an urban edible garden.

Taste the Green

An interesting new work perk is edible plants. As a result, companies install edible plant farms and hydroponic towers within their communal areas. Staff help themselves to them for lunch or even take some home for tea. This is also a great way for companies to promote sustainability and workplace wellness.

Take it outside

A full day without any fresh air is a no, no, for many staff these days. Understandably, terraces and roof gardens are one of the most in-demand features architects are experiencing from clients, as seen from the likes of ASOS, CBRE, and Google’s new King’s Cross Campus. Teams are keen to enjoy the sunshine and London skyline and it’s clear to see why.

Socialising is a huge part of the return to the office. Having wow-factor spaces to do this, like roof terraces and gardens, are high in demand staff and employees looking to stay competitive in retaining and attracting talent within their workforce.

Do you need to evolve?

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