We’re looking to the skies with living roofs!

As concerns about climate change, pollution and dwindling natural resources grow, the trend for urban greening is becoming increasingly popular. In particular the popularity sits with property developers, especially in London.

Reports suggest that the UK’s green roof market is growing at a rate of 17% each year. In the latest figures, 42% of that market was within London itself. This growth has undoubtedly stemmed from the Living Roofs and Walls Policy. It was first introduced in 2008 and markedly supported by the Mayor of London. Considering there are no mandatory regulations or financial incentives in place, such significant growth is a testament to the benefits of living roofs and walls in themselves.

These benefits include savings in energy costs and lowering the risks from floods. As well as creating habitats for wildlife, improving health and wellbeing, and reducing air pollution and urban heat. Some are even producing food!

At Valley Provincial, with our long-established background in landscaping, we have developed our own specialist expertise in the construction of Living Roofs. We have similarly earnt, a distinguished reputation as a major contributor to the progress of urban greening. And, as its wide-ranging benefits are recognised more and more, and climate concerns deepen, this journey towards a greener tomorrow is set to continue.

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