With summer on the horizon, now is the perfect time to transform the landscape around your commercial property. Get it right and you will undoubtedly impress potential customers, please occupants and boost team morale. Best of all, it won’t cost the world.


Summer makes everything brighter, bolder and more colourful. Scarifying, aerating, and over-seeding your lawns, and treating them with fertiliser, are simple, cost-effective ways to help make tired grass greener. For a more instant effect, re-turfing is also a good idea for properties where grass has become worn and muddy over winter. Spring is the best time of year to give lawn any attention whether this be repairing or replacing.


We’ve all heard idyllic descriptions of tree-lined streets and leafy suburbs. But so many commercial properties don’t enjoy the benefits of trees. As well as creating a more pleasant appearance, trees improve the quality of the air and add an element of privacy and seclusion to your property. Planting trees such as maple and oak are a great way to transform your property into an eco-friendly space.


If you’re looking for something on a smaller-scale, hedges are the perfect solution. On the perimeter of your property, they can brighten up the space while adding a layer of privacy. Using the right shrubbery, it’s possible to add instant hedges; otherwise, planting small and trimming regularly will produce a good hedge over successive seasons for a much lower cost. Planting greenery also creates habitats for local wildlife, showing your support and improving local ecology. Why not consider bee hotels, hedgehog homes and bat boxes?


With the weather getting warmer, it’s only natural that people want to get out and enjoy it. Providing employees or tenants with somewhere to sit, whether it’s benches, modular seating or a whole outdoor seating area, is a simple way of getting your property ready for making the most of the British summer sun.

Keeping on top of things

When the sun comes out, it’s much easier to see those patchy areas or overgrown trees. One easy way to get your property looking great for summer is simply by maintaining existing features. Trimmed hedges, pruned trees and well-maintained flower beds will impress visitors and help your commercial property landscape look it’s best throughout the summer months.

Not only that, maintenance is essential to keeping things in working order. Having gutters cleared and making sure trees aren’t overgrown, for example, will stop more serious problems developing in the long run.

Expert soft landscaping

Looking to spruce up your commercial property landscape in time for summer? Speak to the specialists at Valley Provincial. With over 40 years’ experience in landscaping and a dedicated in-house project management team, we provide a bespoke service you can rely on.

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