Tips & plants to ensure your building stays looking great through the seasons

Cold winter mornings can often be dreary. However, that doesn’t mean your commercial property has to be dreary too. With the right shrubs and a little know-how, you can add a splash of colour all year round.

So, if you’re wondering how to spruce up your building this year, look no further. Here are some colourful tips and tricks with shrubs and plants. Enjoy!

1. Plan ahead

Before landscaping your building, consider how it will look months from now. A great tip for planning ahead is to stagger your planting to make sure you don’t just have a beautiful spring / summer and then a lacklustre autumn / winter.

Top tip: When planting, spread plants out evenly and give them enough space to flourish around your building.

2. Embrace the options

Shrubs are great for all types of properties. You can vary the colour with minimal effort. With lots of types to choose from you can find shrubs that flower, are very low maintenance and even fast-growing. Perfect all year round.

3. Add fragrance

Frosty car parks and snowy grounds may be holding you back when it comes to landscaping, but there’s plenty you can do to keep everything in order.

Evergreen trees and shrubs are a great winter alternative to add some colour to break up the white, greys and browns. If you’re still after some flowering plants, fragrance is key this season. Golden Glory and Jacqueline Postill are fragrant shrubs which can create impressive winter displays with a splash of yellows and reds.

4. Spring has sprung

When spring comes around you are in the perfect position to add bursts of fresh and flowery colours. The most popular time of the year for landscaping, you can have your pick of your favourite plants.

Why not try some beautiful orange Rhododendrons or bright blue Ceanothus?

5. Managing the summer heat

The beginning of summer should still be blooming brilliant. But if things have started to wilt when the heat gets too much – don’t panic. There’s still plenty of flowering shrubs to perk up your property. Hydrangeas and Cistus are perfect for sunny spots and give a range of flowers with bright bold colours like purple, pink and white.

6. Autumnal hues

As autumn comes around, you’re spoilt for choice. Embrace dazzling browns, reds and greens. In this foliage season, try adding a Spindle tree or even a Cotinus bush, which turns into a vibrant orange!

Need professional help with which plants to choose for your building?

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