Is your property a fly tipping dream?

Here are some top tips to force offenders to look elsewhere

Whether it’s an old washing machine, a heap of broken wood or just sacks of general waste – fly-tipping is an enormous hassle for commercial property owners.

People want to get rid of their waste without paying, so they look for somewhere to dump it. Unfortunately, commercial properties have become a target for fly-tippers as they provide a large space that’s usually situated away from the watchful eyes of residents. That doesn’t have to be the case though. Read on for our best tips to prevent fly-tipping on your commercial property.

1. Block the road

Fly-tippers aren’t looking to victimise you, they just want a quick, easy dumping spot and a clear get-away run. It doesn’t matter where they tip their waste, so long as they can. That’s why it’s essential that you’re not giving vehicles easy access to your site after hours. Fly-tippers will always go for the easiest and quickest option, so be sure to block the road with bollards or gates to prevent vehicles entering for a quick drop-off.

2. Get adequate fencing

Don’t underestimate fly-tippers. They’re looking for ease, but they’re also determined to get rid of their waste – especially if it’s hazardous waste that is expensive to dispose of legally. Without fencing, your site is prone to fly-tipping on foot. Even with a small fence, they dump bags of waste over it without gaining access to the site. Ensure you have secure perimeter fencing to prevent fly-tipping.

3. Cameras and alarms

Cameras and alarms are the number one solution if you’re looking to catch a fly-tipper. But they’re also a good way of preventing the act. These essential security features can act as a deterrent, as most fly-tippers operate locally and, naturally, don’t aim on getting caught and convicted as they would then face large fines. Be sure to have CCTV warning signs displayed clearly on fence lines to deter offenders.

4. Check the property regularly

A lot of fly-tipping cases occur on properties that are vacant, or partly empty. Criminals are much more likely to target a property that doesn’t seem regularly checked. If your property is vacant, be sure to visit regularly. For one, this will alert you to fly-tipping as soon as possible (remember that if dumped rubbish is left uncleared it will be obvious the property is not in use and attract further tips). But it will also deter fly-tippers as it will look like the site is in use.

If the worst does happen

Our tips aim to help you prevent rubbish being dumped on your property, but should you find yourself a victim, here are some important tips on what to do if you find waste dumped on your commercial property:

Check your insurance – some property insurance covers the cost of waste disposal, which is useful if the waste is hazardous.

Contact the police – your insurance will probably require a crime reference. There might be a chance of catching the culprit too.

Get in the professionals – failure to dispose of waste properly, even if it’s not your own, is a criminal offence. Get a professional waste disposal company to deal with your waste appropriately.

Can we help?

At Valley Provincial we offer a comprehensive waste disposal service for commercial properties. We can also help with prevention measures such as security fencing and gates to stop fly-tippers gaining easy access to your property. Call our team of grounds management experts for a free, no obligation quote.

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