What is Grounds Management?

Summary – The effective management of your external areas, providing care and maintenance to the landscape to ensure they look their best, clean and safe.

How it benefits

Your property is likely to be a busy place, and the outside requirements that arise vary. By offering a one-stop solution for works, a Landscape Management company saves time and unnecessary communication. Generally, having one point of contact there’s no hunting for different contractors for each type of work. Property managers can free up their time by simply leaving the project with the team of professionals.

Properties become more desirable with landscaped and properly maintained grounds. Especially well maintained grounds will send a welcome message to employees, residents, and visitors. As well as sending a positive message about an organisation.

Aesthetically pleasing properties will have a good impact and the surrounding community will value them, reducing complaints, and creating a nice environment for all.

What it does

Outdoor spaces and landscaped areas are a fantastic asset but keeping them in decent shape is a consistent commitment. From ensuring areas are well maintained by grass cutting and looking after planting or having a rapid response to deal with snow and ice. Together with being able to conduct remedial works to fix drainage, hazards or damages to floors, furniture and fences or keeping on top of tree management and weed control.

In short, landscape management will cover it all. It is also believed that poorly maintained grounds attract fly-tippers and vandals. While well maintained landscapes reduce the likelihood of crime and make the staff who work there feel safer. Plus, security systems such as cameras and beams will be far more effective with neatly maintained bushes, trees, and grass.

Tools it uses

Grounds management involves a variety of equipment and tools that are heavy and noisy. In fact, they’re dangerous if used without the proper training and safeguarding. An official grounds management company ensures to maintain and service all tools according to regulations. Staff using equipment will also be fully trained and qualified. Accordingly, they wear the appropriate protective equipment and clothing to ensure the safety and welfare of themselves and their surrounding areas.

Getting it right

It is extremely important that grounds management contractors always work safely and maintain all the relevant qualifications and licenses. They should be able to present their policies and risk assessments for all works. Using one company for all works gives consistent service, quality and communication that you can rely on.

There we have it – our break down on grounds management. If you would like to find out more about our services and how we can help you. Please get in touch!

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