Winter is almost over and the worst weather your property will have to endure should be over too. At least for another year. With that in mind, now is an ideal time to give your property a health check and complete any necessary remedial work.

Cracked surfaces

More rainfall in winter means more chance of water getting into surface materials. And when it does so and freezes, it expands by around 10%. This is known as freeze-thaw action and can cause surfaces to crack. In a vicious circle, this provides more space for water to get in and freeze-thaw to reoccur. Over time, it can lead to badly cracked surfaces which look bad and potentially pose a safety risk.

To tackle the problem, check your property for cracks and ensure problems are dealt with before they get worse. A simple resurfacing can massively improve the appearance of your property as well as keeping it safe for tenants.

Damaged trees

Winter isn’t just snow and ice, there’s also plenty of harsh winds and high rainfall. As well as being a nightmare for commuters up and down the country, these bouts of extreme weather can cause damage to trees around your property. Whether it’s a fallen tree, branches torn off or parts of the tree left hanging, it’s something that can be both inconvenient and dangerous. Get it removed as soon as possible to eliminate the problem and prevent further damage in the future.

Check your fences

Fencing is an essential part of your property’s security, keeping out unwanted intruders. But through the winter, it can undergo serious battering from the weather, leaving it weak or worse, broken. Understandably, this leaves your property vulnerable, so it’s crucial to get it fixed as soon as possible.

General landscaping

As well as specific damage, winter can be a nightmare for the land surrounding your property. Excessive rainfall and freezing temperatures can kill off plants and make grass patchy and thin when spring comes around. It’s a good idea to get this remedied quickly, so there’s plenty of time for growth into the year.

 Professional landscape management

 If you’re looking to revitalise your residential or commercial property after winter, Valley Provincial can help. We provide a range of remedial work services for commercial properties in the UK. With rapid response, we can get to your property quickly and ensure any hazards are eliminated swiftly. For more information on how can help with a health check for your property, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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