On a weekly basis we deliver fresh flower displays to multiple prestigious serviced offices for our business class client, Landmark.

So as to meet our client’s high-class reputation, we consistently provide top quality displays to their Central London locations. In order to provide impressive and welcoming environments we ensure to keep in line with their pristine and modern look. Likewise, we want to consistently support the look and feel of their brand.

Landmark pride themselves in providing professional workspaces for people who need a business-class experience. Flexible office space, impressive receptions and communal areas are combined with state of the art IT and meeting rooms. With this is mind, the workspaces are designed to enhance productivity and create a positive environment for clients.

Research has found that greenery in the workplace can improve productivity by 15%. In effect, it reduces stress, improves air quality and boosts well-being. What we see around us makes a real difference and subsequently the happier we feel, the better we work. At Valley Provincial we’re proud to be a discrete aid to that vision.

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