Working closely with The Health Foundation we created an attractive workspace introducing various aspects of greenery to become an integral part of the office.

Due to the constraints of the furniture design we were required to find an innovative solution that enables living plants to be used successfully. We did what we do best by going the extra mile, providing samples and mock-ups to help our client visualise how planting could be used to the best advantage.

This scheme includes bespoke cabin tops, floor standing interior office plants as well as modern geometrical glass terrariums.

The Health Foundation is an independent charity who aim for a healthier population. They believe good health coupled with good health care are key. Through sharing what they learn, collaborating with others and building people’s skills and knowledge, The Health Foundation aim to make a difference whilst still contributing to a healthier population.

With this is mind, we knew that interior office greenery would be a brilliant addition to their offices. In fact it has been said that greenery in the workplace can improve productivity by 15%. It reduces stress, improves air quality and boosts well-being.

“They have really transformed the place”

Facilities Manager
The Health Foundation