Valley Provincial are proudly awarded the landscaping works on Rose Court based in London. We’re appointed by Structure Tone who are completing the refurbishment on behalf of the client.

The Rose Court building sits alongside the remains of the 16th century Rose Playhouse theatre. Structure Tone has worked closely with the Rose Theatre Trust in order to protect as well as improve the existing Playhouse setting. They will also ensure that access is available to the theatre during the project and landscaping works.

This project will use our specialist roof terrace skills to complete hard as well as soft landscaping to four levels of terraces. In addition, the Level 12 roof is the centre point of the project containing an natural wildflower planting scheme.

Alongside our team, constructors will make additions to the front fa ade and street line. They will remove. the heavy granite cladding and replace it with high-performance brick and glass.

Inside, they shall reconfigure the office space, incorporating elements of the existing exposed concrete structure in open areas to maximise volume. Finally, they will conceal services and cores fully refurbished.

We look forward to sharing the completed works photography with you.