As the main contractor on this high quality development, Volker Fitzpatrick required a specialist subcontractor to install bespoke roof terrace paving. The paving system manufacturer Kinley, recommended Valley Provincial, having collaborated with them on many high profile projects.
The bespoke 4th floor radial roof terrace paving design meant detailed as-built surveys had to be undertaken under tight time constraints. Thereafter, these were then used to carry out specialist off-site bespoke waterjet cutting to each side of every tile. In effect, this ensures a millimetre-perfect installation with no margin for error.

Team work

By working alongside the architect, manufacturer and Volker Fitzpatrick site team. Valley Provincial’s involvement ensured seamless completion of this project. Our services included site surveys, distribution, bespoke paving installation and finally management. As a result, it didn’t impact Volker Fitzpatrick’s construction programme.

” Valley Provincial provided the design to spec compliance, site survey, supply and installation of both the subframe and bespoke paving system. My brief was a very complex shape of differing curves to an external paving area of a multi-million pound roof top penthouse confined by natural zinc cladding and glass balustrade. Which VP engineer surveyed on site, CAD plotted the paving layout on our architects plans and computer water jet cut to millimetre accuracy.

Despite a Covid-19 national lockdown the tiles were called off from Italy without delay, to a programmed crane date. To achieve the correct insulation build up and also maintain a level threshold in a tight space at the sliding doors VP found a pedestal and frame system which fitted the build up. They recognised the system was too light for our insulation specification to stop it floating. So they proposed to install small gravel under the frame to achieve the required weight. There was also a future benefit to our client that the frame system is compatible to Kinley planter systems. They are able to easily replace areas of paving with planted raised beds.”

Luke Hirst

VFL Project Manager