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Plants for Creative Environments – Why they’re a Must-Have

Productivity is key in any business. But in creative environments, it’s one of the hardest things to maintain. The likes of writing, journalism, marketing and design require employees to continually develop new and interesting ideas. This poses a big challenge for businesses in creative industries – how can they create a working environment that supports, and even helps provide, that creative spark that their business depends on?

Read on to see how plants can provide a natural solution.

Creative environments

According to a Human Spaces report, 58% of employees across the world say they have no plants in eyesight from their working space. Based on the report’s findings, that’s a big proportion of employers missing out on the benefits of natural elements in the office.

Surveying 7,600 office employees from 16 different countries, Human Spaces found that natural elements boosted worker creativity by 15%. As well as plants and greenery, this includes natural light in the office. On top of creativity, they found a 6% increase in overall productivity and 15% boost for employee well-being.

More specifically, the study identifies a particular design which inspires work, including the following features:

  • Overall minimalist design
  • Natural lighting
  • Plants
  • Natural colours
  • Window views
  • Some bright colours

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