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65K Planted celebrates 65,000 trees and plants planted by Valley Provincial in 2022

As a responsible organisation, we are proud to have made a significant environmental impact by planting 65,000 trees and plants during 2022.

Every one of these have combined to make a positive impact on the environment, as well as the thousands who live and work in these spaces. We are celebrating this achievement with our ‘65k Planted’ Campaign, as we push to increase our tree planting activities in 2023.

Why is tree planting beneficial?

Trees provide a multitude of benefits, both long and short term. Beyond their aesthetic value, they remove and store carbon from the atmosphere, slow heavy rain (reducing flash flood risk), enhance air quality and improve the urban heat island effect by reflecting sunlight and providing shade.

Valley Provincial teams tagging trees at a European grower for an upcoming project. 

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In addition, the physical weight of a tree consists of approximately 50% carbon, therefore trees in sufficient quantity have a strong climate change mitigation effect. Some of these benefits, such as the mitigation of the urban heat island effect and improvements to air quality, are localised and mostly benefit those in the immediate area. Other benefits, such as the removal of carbon from the atmosphere, benefit the wider population, not just those who live nearby.

Receiving a delivery to our tree storage facility at our nursery on the outskirts of London.

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Trees and plants greatly benefit the people living around them with their positive impact on mental health and wellbeing, reducing stress and encouraging outdoor exercise. This is in addition to the value they receive from the enhanced environmental quality and improved amenity which planted areas bring.

How tree planting & plants benefit local communities

Trees and plants bring the following benefits to communities:

  • Build community spirit and unity.
  • Educate communities about the benefits of nature and wildlife.
  • Bring economic benefits to an area by reducing green-space maintenance costs and raising house prices by aesthetic appeal.
  • Positive impact on mental health and wellbeing, reducing stress and encouraging outdoor activities.
  • Remove and store carbon from the air.
  • Reduce flood risk.
  • Create wildlife habitats, boosting biodiversity.
  • Improve aesthetics.
  • Provide shade.
  • Provide oxygen.
  • Clean the air, absorb odours and pollutants.
  • Prevent soil erosion.
  • Certain species provide food; nuts, apples, pears, plums etc.
  • Increase pollinator numbers, which have benefits in turn.
  • Improve the soil conditions.
  • Reduce pollutants.

We are delighted to be celebrating ‘65k Planted’ as we continue our responsible approach to growing sustainably.