With the right flair and know-how, our office flowers in London are a simple way to give a warm welcome to customers, visitors and staff in any business sector.

At Valley Provincial, our professionally trained florists work with flowers arriving directly from Holland each week. As a result, they create exciting, imaginative and unique designs for office flower arrangements. Choose from our vast collection of design styles, featuring hand-picked flowers of the highest quality, ready to complement any space.

Given that many buildings are open 24 hours a day, our weekly office flowers service provides early-bird delivery from 6am. Our flowers are stored in spacious, temperature-controlled nurseries and storage facilities, guaranteeing your display is as fresh as possible.

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Corporate Flowers London

Our corporate flowers in London create a lasting impression in receptions, meeting areas and workspaces. Having a beautiful office space has a positive impact on staff and visitors alike, especially when they perfectly represent your brand. At Valley Provincial, we create bespoke corporate flower arrangements in London to boost both productivity and brand recognition.

You can trust us to keep your floral displays looking fresh at all times with our reliable and timely service. If any aspect of your corporate flowers fails, we will resolve issues the next working day. It’s all part of why our clients trust us each week for their corporate flowers.

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Projects including Corporate Flowers


Where do your flowers come from? 

Our team of trained and experienced florists use fresh flowers that are delivered directly from Holland every week.

Where should I display fresh flowers?

The best places to display fresh flowers in the office are in areas that are used for meetings or where you welcome clients. We always suggest having a fresh flower display in your reception, meeting rooms or waiting areas. 

How long will the flowers last? 

Fresh flowers will last a good 7 to 10 days depending on the specific type of flowers and the conditions in your office. You can also trust our team to keep your floral displays fresh at all times  with our reliable and timely delivery service. If there are any issues with your corporate flower delivery, we will work with you to promptly resolve the issue. 

Some of our clients

Here are just a few of the clients we work closely with. We take pride in delivering our complete, highest standard landscape services to all our clients. But above all, we take pride in ensuring that people can enjoy the best environment in which to live, work and play.

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