With the right flair and know-how, floral displays are a simple way to give a warm welcome to customers, visitors and staff in any business sector

At Valley Provincial, our professionally trained florists work with flowers that arrive direct from Holland each week, to create exciting and imaginative designs for office floral displays. You can choose design styles from our collection, featuring handpicked flowers of the highest quality, ready to complement any space.

Our weekly office flowers service has early bird delivery from 6am, with fresh displays despatched from our spacious temperature-controlled nurseries and storage facilities.

Corporate Flowers

Trusted, reliable, valued

Whether for reception areas, meeting and workspaces, gifts or hospitality, our clients know that their flowers will always make the right impression.

And should any aspect of the display falter, we will resolve issues the next working day. It is all part of why our clients trust Valley Provincial’s flower service week after week, year after year.

Projects including Corporate Flowers

Some of our clients

Here are just some of the clients we work closely with, delivering one-stop-shop landscape services to the highest standard and ensuring that people can enjoy the best environment in which to live, work and play.

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