Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree Display Care

Christmas tree care is essential for keeping your display vibrant and full for the entire festive season. Looking after your fresh-cut tree properly means it lasts longer, drops fewer needles and stays safe and secure. Here’s what you need to know and do to get the most from your tree.

We install your tree in a stand which holds enough water for every inch of diameter of the trunk after the tree is in the stand. The best way to minimise needle loss and ensure satisfaction is to follow these simple care tips:

  • Keep the stand full of water at all times, using plain tap water only. Also, check the water level daily, it will surprise you how much they drink.
  • Water is enough for your tree. Steer clear from adding chemicals or ‘miracle growth’ concoctions to your water.
  • Make sure the Christmas tree is well away from radiators and other heat sources. Additional heat near the display will speed up water evaporation and moisture loss from the tree.
  • Fresh-cut trees like steady temperatures. Whenever possible, avoid exposing it to sudden hot and cold changes.
  • Please note that it’s part of the life cycle of the conifer tree to shed needles, which accelerates if allowed to dry out. 
  • Never burn a tree in a fire place. Pine trees have a lot of sap, as a result this  can flash and potentially create a chimney fire.

Real Christmas trees continue to benefit the environment after the holiday season is over because they are easily recycled into mulch. The mulch then decomposes, providing the nutrients to the ground so that plants can thrive. By recycling your Christmas tree you can give back to the Earth and even more importantly, avoid it being added to landfill. 


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