Valley Provincial brings passion and experience to your offices with flowers that boost your brand

We understand what it takes to create offices with flowers and plant displays that will enhance your office environment as well as keep them looking vibrant.

At Valley Provincial, we make sure that plants at work are plants that work.

Our designers and technicians manage indoor trees and plants, living walls, fresh flowers, replica plants and seasonal displays. What sets us apart is that we are happy to go the extra mile to help our clients achieve their goals, regardless of what challenges may stand in the way. In fact, it is that commitment which explains why so many of our clients have been with us for 10 years or more.

When it comes to offices with flowers and planting, you’ll find that we’ll work to your schedules and your budgets, with an understanding of the demands placed on your facilities and staff.

See what a difference offices with flowers & plants have made

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How offices with flowers & plants package make a difference

Firstly we have a conversation about your interior or exterior space. We listen to clients, understand what they need to achieve, then create design concepts and budgets to illustrate what’s possible.

We understand how to work with budgets, lead times, environmental conditions, logistics and access challenges. Therefore we liaise with you throughout the process to ensure the result is pleasing to managers, staff and visitors alike.

Our innovative ethos along with our first-class plants and flowers ensure our customers offices achieve the visual and emotional impact they hoped. While we seamlessly deliver a highly responsive corporate planting service that our client’s value.

We’ll take care of every detail naturally.