Corporate Office Plants London

Our designers and technicians manage all elements of your corporate office plants in London. We work with a variety of live and artificial plants to create vibrant displays, including:

-Indoor trees and plants -Living walls -Fresh flowers -Replica plants –Seasonal displays

We work to your schedules and budgets, bringing your ideas to life while still understanding the demands placed on your facilities and staff. Our commitment to helping our clients achieve their vision for their corporate office plants is why so many have been with us for 10 years or more.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and how it benefits your plant display project.

See what a difference offices with flowers & plants have made


What makes Valley Provincial plants sustainable?

At Valley Provincial we have a sustainability commitment to safeguarding our precious environment for future generations. In order to support sustainable work practices we operate an Environmental Management System. 

When delivering office plants around London, we use recycled or renewable materials wherever possible. If you wish to know more our full environmental policy is available on request


Are the plants you offer artificial or alive?

We offer a variety of office plants and flowers, both live and artificial. Our passionate team of landscape designers can deliver a wide range of corporate office plants and displays across London including indoor trees and plants, living walls, fresh flowers, seasonal displays and more. 


What effect do plants have on the workplace?

Along with being great for interior office decor, research shows that office plants can increase workplace productivity by an impressive 15%. 

More benefits of workplace greenery include reduced stress, improved air quality and overall better well-being of your employees. 

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How offices with flowers & plants package make a difference

Firstly we have a conversation about your interior or exterior space. We listen to clients, understand what they need to achieve, then create design concepts and budgets to illustrate what’s possible.

We understand how to work with budgets, lead times, environmental conditions, logistics and access challenges. Therefore we liaise with you throughout the process to ensure the result is pleasing to managers, staff and visitors alike.

Our innovative ethos along with our first-class plants and flowers ensure our customers offices achieve the visual and emotional impact they hoped. While we seamlessly deliver a highly responsive corporate planting service that our client’s value.

We’ll take care of every detail naturally.