Understandably, keeping trees and hedges pruned is not the most essential thing on a property managers ‘to do’ list. But it’s necessary, and ensuring a Landscape Management company is professionally monitoring the condition of your trees and hedge lines is important. Read our blog below for 5 reasons why:

It improves appearance:

The appearance of your grounds is a highly influential factor for tenants – how you maintain your property is how others will judge them. Pruning requires a regular annual programme according to the type of tree or shrub. Remove broken, dead or dying branches. Clip hedges to maintain a neat attractive shape and prune shrubs to prevent them from growing into each other.

Pruning keeps trees and shrubs manageable:

Regular pruning prevents trees and shrubs becoming a nuisance by obstructing paths, overhanging roofs or damaging power cables. It also prevents them from potentially obstructing security beams or CCTV views.

It reduces hazards:

Branches can obstruct signs, cause pedestrians to step into roadways, and reduce visibility for vehicles. All of which could have complex repercussions should any incidents occur as a result. A poorly maintained tree is also more likely to fall or experience more damage in high winds.

Pruning promotes healthy growth:

Pruning allows sunlight and air to circulate which reduces disease and insect problems. It also encourages fresh growth which makes the foliage look denser, strengthens the shrub and reduces weed growth.

But it’s not for the untrained:

Sharp machinery can be highly dangerous when not in the hands of a skilled operative. Pruning, especially when involving tree works in an operating commercial area, must be undertaken by a trained and licensed user.

Landscape company Valley Provincial can carry out a yearly programme to ensure trees and shrubs are professionally pruned as part of our one-stop service developed directly around the needs of property managers. Call for a quote today, or make an online request via our website.

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