Space solution

It won’t surprise companies that employees list cleanliness, comfort, lighting and air quality as basic requirements for decent office space. However it is the next set of factors that reveals most about productivity and worker wellbeing.

Respondents in the Savill’s What Workers Want survey listed a need for a quiet space for focused work, break out spaces, good internal design, office greenery and plants as features they want to see if employers are to get the best out of them.

In fact, if design is right both inside and outside, 63% of workers said they would be more productive. So, how can companies make changes that will transform their space, and be easy to maintain?

A green dream team  

Often, companies know what they want to improve, whether it is layout or presentation, but want the reassurance that introduced changes will have an immediate impact and be straightforward to maintain.

It’s why Valley Provincial has a range of services to take care of every detail. From initial site visit and consultation, through to design concepts. As well as installation and – just as significantly – maintenance, inside and out, throughout the year.

From interior office planting, such as living walls, to roof gardens and break out areas; our greenery teams understand how to get the most from an office space.

Plus, our grounds maintenance teams have the resources, dedication and expertise to keep external areas welcoming, inspiring and safe to use, all year round.

So, if you are ready to provide ‘what workers want’, you can rest assured that at Valley Provincial, our horticultural knowhow means clients get what they need.

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