Knowing how to build sustainable value into residential developments involves understanding buyers and their requirements.  

New evidence suggests there are more factors than size and location that influence property choice. Some may surprise you…

Real value from real growth

The new relationship we have with our homes due to COVID is changing what we look for in a property. A new survey of London’s estate agents has some very revealing results.

Firstly, properties with a view are now sought after. We can’t all live with sea views but managed greenery and landscaping is a ‘must have’ for many buyers. Secondly, access to outdoor space, a garden or patio area, is highly prized.

Thirdly, there is the issue of noise and noise-abatement. Relative peace and quiet, or at least shielding from exterior noise as we all spend more time working and relaxing in our homes, is a new plus.

What do all these features have in common? A desire for natural features, plants, planting and naturally ‘sympathetic spaces.’

Plant appeal

Given this new customer demand for greener spaces, the opportunity exists to begin building ‘green assets’ into new residential developments and refurbishments.

At Valley Provincial we have the experience and the know-how to design, plan and incorporate gardens and green spaces into even the most challenging of locations.

Roof terraces, walkways and verges, consider converting all kinds of plots with the right planting to offer more appealing views, that sought-after personal outside space and even sound absorption and seclusion.

With the right expertise, new developments and renovations command a premium that now comes with built-in ‘plant appeal’.

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