Does your commercial property have adequate car parking? It should. While car parking might seem like a minor feature, it can make a huge difference for employees and tenants. As well as impacting the value of your property. Read on to see why car park construction is so important, and how you can solve car parking issues for your commercial facility.

The importance of parking spaces

Trying to find a parking space is one of the most frustrating things in the world for employees. Driving around endlessly, trying to squeeze into awkward spaces, eventually parking away from work, getting wet and windswept as a result. Hardly the ideal start to the day, is it?

People in a rush can also block others in when they don’t have time to look for a space. After doing so, they spend the day unfocused and unproductive worrying about who might be blocked in by their car. It’s even worse for disabled drivers, who need disabled bays with easy access to the building. Quite simply, inadequate parking annoys people and causes unnecessary conflict.

Time to act

This huge inconvenience causes employee morale to become low, and puts off potential tenants if you’re looking to let your building out. The solution? Ideally you may have scope to extend your carpark, but even relatively minor alterations with some creative thinking and professional assistance can open up more spaces and improve accessibility.

Every little helps. With extra car parking spaces, fewer employees waste less time looking for somewhere to park and any frustration and conflict is reduced. If you’re looking to let your commercial property, an extended car park will make it far more attractive to tenants, as well as significantly increasing its sale value.

What if I can’t extend the car park?

However, we understand that car park extensions aren’t possible for everyone. Some properties simply don’t have the space to convert into a car park. You can still improve the situation though….

Installing bike shelters and cycle hoops makes it more practical and convenient for employees (or tenants) to cycle to work. This will either free up any car parking space you do have, or offer as an alternative if you have no car park at all.

Where to start?

Making adjustments to your property can seem daunting. Don’t worry, Valley Provincial is here to help.

Whether you want to add a car park, extend an existing parking area or install cycling facilities – our team can guide you through the process and find the solution that best fits your needs. We have over thirty years’ experience in all kinds of landscape management, including car park construction and extension. Get in touch today to see how we can eliminate your parking problems.

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