Our open spaces, parks, playing fields and public gardens provide vital recreational respite for most of us as we seek out healthy leisure time. Being out in the open just feels like a good thing to do, and it turns out it is.

Extensive research has been undertaken to understand the beneficial effects of green spaces and the part they play in maintaining physical and mental wellbeing.

One particular pre-pandemic study undertaken across Europe, and reviewed by NASA, established a clear connection between access to green space and good mental health.

It is not unreasonable to assume that now we need our open spaces more than ever.


At Valley Provincial we would never dream of comparing ourselves to frontline staff fighting the pandemic but, like any facilities team responsible for maintaining and accessing our open spaces, we can do our bit.

Our Grounds Maintenance team has the resources, experience and the commitment needed for the installation, repair and general upkeep of parklands and other recreational spaces – no matter the demand or the time of year.

From fallen trees and the management of planting to all weather surfaces, remedial works and fencing, we ensure our clients’ open spaces can stay that way.


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