Research from the University of Cumbria has found that people now value time spent outdoors more since lockdown.

In fact, time in green spaces is recognised as essential to wellbeing, with a whopping 95% of respondents agreeing that spending time in nature was ‘very important’ to them. During a stressful time, people have experienced what science has been telling us for some time – that too much time inside is not good for our physical and mental wellbeing.

A green solution

With so much to gain from the outdoors, developers are recognising that with the right design and installation, landscaped spaces are proving a big selling point to residents.

Zones created for residents, from playgrounds and all-weather table tennis, through to terraces designed to encourage social interaction, or quiet spaces where residents can unwind.

Outdoor areas can work hard for residents and developers as one of our recent projects, Bagel Factory, in E9 shows. We worked closely with our client Aitch Group to bring their vision for the best of creative urban living to life.

It brought in a full range of our services – the design and installation of Hard and Soft Landscaping, Terrace and Roof Gardens and Playgrounds.

If we are to face more restrictions on our movements, more of us will come to value landscaped spaces that give us what we need to make the most of each day.

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