Commercial space represents a significant overhead for organisations, large and small. The lockdown has led many companies to question if, or how, offices should reopen.

The South Westminster Business Improvement District represents the interests of 5,000 businesses across London. Its chief executive, Ruth Duston, says: “People will return [to offices] but this will likely be a gradual process over many months. When they do, it will be to collaborate and exchange with their colleagues rather than to spend eight hours at a desk.”

So, if companies are going to invest in offices, how can they get the most out of the space?

Flower power

There is long established research that shows that a ‘greener’ office environment improves performance and productivity. At a time when companies are assessing the cost of collective workspaces, what could be more valuable than that?

The use of plants and flowers in the workplace is attribute to the increase in air quality, productivity, morale, staff retention and even creativity. Combined with recognised reductions in noise and stress levels, it pays to think about greening your work world.

Green shoots

At Valley Provincial, we have the expertise and the know-how to install planting schemes that transform any workspace. Our designs combine plants, flowers, materials, shapes, and colours to create a greener office environment that staff will benefit from as they return.

We are all looking for those green shoots of recovery. At Valley Provincial, we like to think we make them a reality.

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