Whatever the architectural scheme, a soft landscape adds far more than a finishing touch. With the right approach, this is how to unlock lasting value.

Soft Sell

We know ‘kerb appeal’ matters, with most buyers making up their minds about a property within the first five minutes. Of course, we can use this propensity to form a strong first impression to a developer’s advantage.

Whether it’s traditional and elegant, or contemporary and minimalist, architects and developers work hard to realise a vision. This is where a soft landscape really pays off.


Plant Practicalities

At Valley Provincial, our Landscape Construction team has decades of experience working with leading developers. They design and install soft landscaping schemes that create the right visual impact.

We only achieve what’s easy on the eye through hard won knowledge – whether it is an understanding of irrigation and drainage, knowing which planting schemes will create year-round colour, or adhering to biodiversity, BREEAM and sustainability requirements.


A Lasting Impression

Soft landscaping should complete a look and define outdoor spaces but more than that, it unlocks value by attracting and retaining buyers and tenants.

Now, more than ever, people seek out environments that enhance wellbeing and relaxation. Landscaped grounds create exactly the backdrop to inspire a sense of harmony and serenity, and that is something that commands a premium, today and tomorrow.

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