With 2021 fast approaching, now is the time for commercial properties to renew their appeal.

Never overestimate the positive impact of a smart frontage and attractive reception area planting with landscaping maintenance. Whether commercial companies welcoming back employees, or building managers looking to secure new tenants.

Renew and refresh

As companies are looking to welcome back some or all of their people in the New Year, what will they see?

Many people may be anxious about returning, even to socially distanced offices. So now is the time to make sure their work environment is as inviting as possible.

With that in mind, one of the most effective ways to transform the look and feel of commercial properties is through plant power.

Plant Power

Improved mood, a sense of wellbeing, better air quality and reduced stress are just some of the natural benefits that we all enjoy when surrounded by plants.

It goes without saying that plants with attractive and striking appearance create immediate appeal. Plants set a tone for a work space and are ideal for making staff feel better. As well as for impressing prospective new tenants.

This is why money spent on living plants and flower displays, as well as good grounds management, is always a worthwhile investment.

All taken care of
Valley Provincial’s landscaping maintenance teams have decades of experience. They ensure that building managers achieve and maintain the look they want.
Plus, working with architects, developers and facilities managers for so long, we know how to create interior & exterior commercial planting schemes that visitors and staff love.
Get in touch with our knowledgable team today to find out how we can make the return to work in 2021 as inviting as possible. After all, commercial planting is one of the the best way to create the perfect welcome, every day.
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