We would like to wish everyone seasonal greetings for this festive holiday. We hope that the year ahead proves to be a better one for all.

As we start to think about what the new year will bring it seems that there is one clear trend that is likely to shape 2021. That is a renewed focus on our working environments.

We are social creatures

It’s good that the vaccine rollout is underway as so many of us miss spending time with family, friends and colleagues. We are social creatures and working from home can have its downsides. Our need to still have office spaces where we can interact is a trend that developers will be responding to in 2021.

Our communal spaces are set to benefit as we reassess their importance and the best way to create environments that improve wellbeing and productivity.

A better place to be

Our Living Range has already proved a big hit as it is a simple yet striking way to divide space and help maintain safe-distancing in an attractive and ‘natural’ way.

Interior planting schemes, terraces and roof gardens also make a huge difference to how people respond to their surroundings. As we contemplate a welcome return to our workplaces in 2021, it is a comfort to think that we can make them as inviting as possible with new planting schemes.

Happy New Year everyone.

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